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Fuel oil remains one of the most widely used energy sources today. Competitive cost, comfort, efficiency and respect for the environment make it a preferred means of heating.

But traditional fuel oil has also been able to modernize. Thanks to its unique composition, Mazout Ultra from TotalEnergies allows you to consume and pollute less. Another advantage: it keeps your boiler in better condition.


Each fuel oil has its own characteristics in terms of cold resistance, sulphur content, etc...

The comparative elements below will help you choose the fuel oil you wish to order.

Mazout Ultra from TotalEnergies

This new generation fuel oil, of superior quality, sees its performance improved thanks to a new formulation:

  • Better resistance to cold (-20°C), no need for antifreeze additives for the winter
  • Near-zero sulphur content at 10ppm maximum
  • Reduction in consumption, and therefore a reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Optimization of combustion reducing soot deposits in the boiler.

Mazout Ultra from TotalEnergies is considered the best choice during the winter as it guarantees resistance to low temperatures down to -20°C.

Mazout Premier from TotalEnergies

This superior quality fuel oil has the same advantages as Mazout Ultra except for:

  • 5 times higher sulphur content, 50ppm
  • Resistance to cold at -10°C

Mazout 10

This fuel oil, with a low sulphur content, is recommended for new generation boilers. It can also be used for the most recent construction equipment (for companies with a Lugin or Lutra).

Mazout 50

The use of this standard fuel oil, also known as gasoil, is mainly domestic. It is intended for use in traditional boilers and oil stoves.

The filterability limit temperature can be lowered to -20°C by adding TotalEnergies Mazout Antifreeze, except for Mazout Ultra.

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Natural, efficient and renewable energy, wood energy in the form of pellets is also very practical.

What are pellets?

Pellets, also known as wood pellets, are small cylinders made from compressed and agglomerated dry sawdust.

Pellets, a powerful energy source

Due to their low moisture content, Pellets Premium from TotalEnergies have a high calorific value, higher than traditional wood logs or wood chips.

How does heating with pellets work?

Today, pellet heating is a booming industry, and is done via:

  • A supplementary appliance (stove)
  • A central heating system (biomass boiler)

Pellet stoves, like wood stoves, are usually manually fired. The most suitable method of supply is the pellet bag.

Pellets Premium pellets from TotalEnergies are packaged in 15 kg bags.

You can remove them yourself by the unit in many service stations in Luxembourg.

You can also have them delivered or picked up in whole pallets.

Pellet heating: economical and practical

Although the installation of a pellet boiler is more expensive than a gas or oil-fired appliance, the price of pellets is less subject to market fluctuations.

Pellet heating also gives you a great deal of autonomy: you can buy your pellets whenever you want and go through the pellet distributor of your choice.

TotalEnergies Pellets Premium pellet heating, a sustainable choice

There are different types and qualities of pellets. The Premium Pellets sold by TotalEnergies in Luxembourg are DINplus certified: they are 100% natural, consist only of softwood waste, such as sawdust and shavings, and do not contain any chemical binding agent or bark.

Produced from sustainably managed forests, Pellets Premium pellets from TotalEnergies are produced in Belgium and have the PEFC label. You have the guarantee that the trees are replanted as they are cut down to make wood pellets.

Pellet storage, a crucial element

Pellets must be stored in a dry place to maintain their performance. You should therefore pay attention to the storage of pellets in order to guarantee a long life and thus preserve their full potential.

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