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The company publishing the site has put this site online in order to present its products and services to you, as well as information and recommendations related to your activity or your centres of interest. The use of this site implies that you agree to be bound by the terms of the following general conditions and to respect all applicable laws.

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Some parts of this site are secured, in particular the pages where you have to enter personal and confidential data (your access code or your bank card number, for example). This means that the data you transmit to the site via these pages is encrypted between your browser and the site's server, and that only the site can understand and record it. This means that you can give these details in complete confidence: your confidential information will pass through securely.

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When you visit this site, you are likely to provide us with a certain amount of personal data about yourself in order to respond to your requests for information and to better understand your expectations, as well as to take advantage of the services offered by this site.

This data is kept confidential and is intended exclusively for the website publisher or its subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as its partners and independent distributors for the purposes of analyses, surveys and commercial operations.

Of course, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you.

For more information, please read the charter on the protection of personal data.


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In any case, the authorised reproduction of the information contained in this site must indicate the source and the appropriate property mention.

Distinctive signs

Unless otherwise stated, the company names, logos, products and brands mentioned in this site (® and TM products) are the property of the site publisher or its subsidiaries and affiliates. They may not be used without the prior written authorisation of the site publisher.

User commitment

Each visitor to the site who provides information grants the site publisher or its subsidiaries and affiliates full transferable rights relating to this information and authorises the site publisher or its subsidiaries and affiliates to use it. The information thus provided by the visitors will be considered as non-confidential.


The documents presented on this site may contain forecasts concerning the financial situation, the results of operations, the activities and the industrial strategy of the company publishing the site or its subsidiaries and affiliates. In particular, the use of expressions such as "expects", "anticipates", as well as the declarations concerning the objectives of the management, the estimates and the objectives concerning the production and the trends concerning the results of operations are of a forecast nature. These forecasts are based on assumptions that may prove to be inaccurate and are dependent on risk factors such as the variation in exchange rates, the price of petroleum products, the ability to make cost reductions without unduly disrupting operations, environmental regulatory considerations, and general economic and financial conditions.

The website publisher or its subsidiaries and affiliates assume no responsibility for updating forecasts due to new information or to future or other events. Additional information on factors which could have an effect on the financial results of the site editor or its subsidiaries and affiliates is contained in the documents filed with the Commission des Opérations de Bourse and the Securities and Exchange Commission in the event that these companies are listed.


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The publishing company of the site and its subsidiaries and affiliates formally decline all responsibility for the contents of the sites to which they offer links. These links are proposed to the users of this site as a service. The decision to activate the links belongs exclusively to the users of the site.

Authorisation of links

If you wish to create a hypertext link with this site, you must obtain prior written authorisation from the company publishing the site by contacting TOTAL Luxembourg, rte d'Esch 310, L-1014 LUXEMBOURG or by writing to the following e-mail address:  


The information and recommendations ("Information") available on this site are provided in good faith. This information is supposed to be correct at the time you take note of it. However, the site editor or its subsidiaries and affiliates are neither representatives nor guarantors of the exhaustive character and accuracy of this information. You fully assume the risks linked to the credit you give to it.

This information is provided to you on the condition that you or any other person receiving it will determine its suitability for a particular purpose before using it. In no case will the website publisher or its subsidiaries and affiliates be responsible for any damage likely to result from the credit granted to this information, from its use or from the use of a product to which it refers.

This information must not be considered as recommendations for the use of information, products, procedures, equipment or formulations which would be in contradiction with a patent, a copyright or a registered trademark. The company publishing the site or its subsidiaries and affiliates decline all responsibility, express or implicit, if the use of this information contravenes a patent, a copyright or a registered trademark.

The site publisher or its subsidiaries and affiliates categorically reject any interpretation which would aim at assimilating the content of their sites to offers to purchase or incitements to acquire shares or other securities, whether listed or unlisted, of the site publisher, of one or other of its direct or indirect subsidiaries or of its affiliates.

No guarantee, explicit or implicit, is given as to the merchantable nature of the information provided, nor as to its suitability for a specific purpose, as well as with regard to the products or services referred to in this Information.

Under no circumstances does the website publisher or its subsidiaries and affiliates undertake to update or correct the information which will be published on this website. Likewise, the site publisher or its subsidiaries and affiliates reserve the right to modify or correct the content of their sites at any time without notice.


The site publisher may update these terms of use of the site at any time. Consequently, you are invited to regularly refer to the latest conditions of use of the site in force.

These terms and conditions of the website are subject to Luxembourg law and fall under the jurisdiction of the Luxembourg courts.


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